Last Generation Manifesto

The truth – damage done and existing collapse

​​​​​​We’re fucked. Billions are going to starve to death. Our social systems are going to collapse. This is not a joke. The climate and extinction crisis has been inflicted upon us by murderous billionaires that have no remorse for their crimes. These psychopathic criminals use our governments to carry out their mass murder project. International governments are guilty of treason. 

We’re forced to do this, we have no choice. We are the last generation that can prevent the total collapse of our life support systems, no one else is coming to save us and the window is almost shut. The leaders will be held accountable for treason against the next thousand generations.​ 

Our failure​​​​​​​

Throwing out the bullshit. ​​​​​​The climate movement is completely fucking incompetent. For decades it has used ineffective norms of reformism that centre around feel good “activism” which focuses more on saying the right things (e.g virtue signalling) than getting the job done. Young activists had consciously chosen not to use effective tactics of civil disobedience. The Climate Crisis is not an issue to be solved by our politicians. It’s planned, it’s criminal, it’s treason all in full knowledge of the consequences and active denial of their crimes. We cannot use the tactics available within this system (i.e. lobbying, petitions, speeches) to dismantle the system. We do not want reform – we want systemic change. We don’t want free snacks at our school strike meetings, we want to not starve to death. 

Our duty

We have no hope. We have no future. That’s what makes us unstoppable. ​​​​​​​Our rage against those, who have betrayed us and our indispensable duty to our generation and all to follow are what gives us the courage to fulfill our moral duty. Fearlessly we must go into service to our generation and that means going into active rebellion using civil disobedience.

Our Generation must use the Civil Resistance Model to force criminal policy makers to step down and step into the courtroom to be trialed for treason. Democratic Citizens Assemblies (the people) must step into the role of transforming our society away from a mass murder project and into a survival program, this must happen within 12 months for a fighting chance of survival. 

Our demands

We demand a Binding Citizens Assembly to transition our society to net zero emissions by 2025 and halt biodiversity loss.

We demand that global governments are replaced with Citizens’ Assemblies.

Strategy of civil resistance

The Civil Resistance Model is the most powerful, fastest and effective means of necessary radical transformation in a time of crisis. This is simple: we go to the capital, break the law, remain non-violent and joyful as the law is enforced. Continue to break the law day after day until our demands are met. If the mobilisation stops breaking the law (which means the police stop enforcing the law) or doesn’t maintain strict non-violent discipline it’s chance of success falls to near zero. 

By going to the big city and breaking the law we are guaranteed to get harassed by the police. The establishment will try it’s hardest to break our spirit. We cannot let them. To combat this we must adapt a ruthless culture of fun. We must smile in their faces as they lock us up. That is how we win. Our duty is to not give a fuck (have a culture of resilience) about what police will try to do to us and develop an unrelenting culture of ruthless fun. 

This isn’t tokenistic middle aged woohoo fun. This is “fuck you fun”, “we’ll do what we want no matter what you do to me fun”. We’re the kids and you can’t stop us from having fun or dismanteling this mass murder project. We will turn prison into a slumber party, court into a public forum, pepper spray into a double dare challenge & parliament into a place for the people.​​​​​​​


We’re young. We’re fucked. We’re coming.



Manifesto Signed by:

(Eric) Sergeio Herbert, 21, Australia

Joshua Wright, USA

Jadwiga Klata​​​​​, Poland

Orla Murphy, 19, Ireland

Gaweł Sławomir Andrzejewski, Poland

Przemo Siewior,

Zac Lumley, Ireland

Henning Jeschke, 21, Germany

Daniel Helmer, 30, The Occupied And Stolen United Empire of Britain’s Turtle Island

Charlotte Schwarzer, 24, Germany

Nicholas Vazquez, 23, USA, Miami, FL

Paul Glöckner, 20, Germany